Celebrating Recovery at the Capitol

Celebrating Recovery at the Capitol

Responding to the stigma surrounding addiction with a celebration of recovery, hundreds converged at Georgia’s state capitol to remind legislators, policy makers, and the public that recovery is real.

On January 17, 2016, more than 500 gathered in honor of Georgia Addiction Recovery Awareness Day. The event culminated with a rally that featured Attorney General Sam Olens; DBHDD Commissioner Frank Berry; Cassandra Price, director of DBHDD’s Office of Addictive Diseases; and Department of Corrections Chief of Staff Greg Dozier.

“You have the right to get better! You deserve the opportunity to recover! And you are worth it. Draw from your strength, the strength of your peers, and know that every one of us here today support you. Continue to be the face of recovery.” – Cassandra Price

One objective of the rally is to shift perceptions of addiction as a failure of character to one of hope. “We’re in the midst of a recovery revolution,” says Neil Campbell, executive director of the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse. “People in recovery are becoming visible as contributing members of society.”

A nationally recognized model for substance abuse treatment, recovery-oriented care is based on research showing that addiction, like diabetes, is a chronic, rather than an acute, health issue. Science indicates that discovering and supporting the many ways that people recover and sustain their recovery has a greater and more lasting effect than short-term interventions alone.

Sponsored by DBHDD, the event was coordinated by the Addiction Recovery Awareness Day Collaborative.