Recovery Awareness Day Inspires All Year

Recovery Awareness Day Inspires All Year

“This event is about inspiration and energy. I carry that energy, that inspiration with me the rest of the year.” – Cassandra Price, director of DBHDD’s Office of Addictive Diseases, pictured above.

On January 12, 2017, DBHDD’s director of addictive diseases, Cassandra Price, spoke to hundreds gathered across from Georgia’s Capitol in celebration of Recovery Awareness Day. “I urge you to think about three things as you go through the year,” said Price. “One, be an example of recovery.  Two, be the voice of recovery.  And lastly, give back – to your community, to others in recovery, and  to those who are struggling to find a program.  On this journey there will come a time when we no longer have to fight to be heard.  When it’s understood that people have a right to recover, that they can expect to recover.  Let’s shoot for the day when recovery is normal.”

People in recovery and their allies traveled to Atlanta in an effort to raise awareness among government leaders and the public that substance use disorders can be treated. Sponsored by a record number of organizations, this year’s event attracted many who were new to the celebration says Neil Campbell, executive director of the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse.

“We are grateful for our Addiction Recovery Awareness Day Coalition and all who work so hard to bring our voices to Georgia’s Capitol.” – Neil Campbell, Georgia Council on Substance Abuse

This year’s theme, Recovery is Real, is intended to convey hope, particularly to those struggling with substance use disorders. Invoking the power of stories, more than 450 individuals were trained to communicate effectively with legislators while others shared their experience of recovery with the crowd at the rally.

DBHDD is a sponsor of Georgia Addiction Recovery Awareness Day, an event that is coordinated by the Addiction Recovery Coalition of Georgia.